Jock Bro’s Bro

This happened to me about two years ago when I was only 17. My brother is two years older than me and we are complete opposites. He is the typical jock and I was the typical brain. We were often called the sun and the
moon. This was his senior year on the varsity football team. All his teammates knew who I was and always bugged me about not playing football like my brother, cause I’m built like him. They were really great guys,
they were cool towards me even though I was not like my jock brother. The did the typical stuff with me. Talk about sex, jerking off, sports, and all that. They were always hanging out at my house after games: taking
showers and sleeping over. I really loved it and enjoyed the attention.
There was this one guy, Chris, who always paid special attention to me.
Whenever we talked about who takes the longest shower, he’d say how he
loves to take long, hot showers. And I chimed in “me too.” Well, he’d look
at me and kinda smirk. And I’m like “Okay,” I totally didn’t get it. And
he was like “I bet I know why” and I’m like “yea, I like to spank it
then,” then he was like “me too” and so forth. But, all the guys would
talk like this and joke about it. So I took it jokingly, even though I was
serious and so was he. But, to make a long story short I’ll go on.
It was after a practice game after school one day. He came over and I was
the only one home. He asked if it was okay if he could take a shower
before my brother and the rest of the guys came home. I was like “sure!!!”
A bit too excitedly. He kinda gave me that smirk again. And this little
smirk made my balls ache. He was so cute. Let me describe him to you:
about 6’2, around 180 lbs, slim, but solidly built <pecs, big arms, great thighs,
and cut abs>, brown hair cut close to his head <thick>, deep brown eyes with
specks of yellow towards the pupil, straight white teeth with a killer
smile <and smirk>, hair between his pecs and a little bunny trail down
towards his groin, and a great firm, tight, round ass.  Did I
leave anything out? As he went in I got him a towel, face cloth, and some
soap. He was already in the shower and I just left the stuff on the
counter. He said “Just leave the door open in case you need anything.” So,
by now I had figured this guys was a little curious or whatever. I thought
of some way to get back in there with a legit excuse. I ran to the laundry
room got the rest of the towels and brought them up there and went on to
fold them and put them away in the bathroom. So I was doing this, trying
not to look over too much to the glass shower. My cock was straining
against the fabric of my jeans. I was kinda rubbing it back and forth
against the counter top . He was idly chit-chatting about school and this
and that. Then he kinda opened the door and asked me if i’d care to join
him. I was like, “I’m sorry, what?” And he was starting to rub his flaccid
cock. I couldn’t stop staring. I was looking up and down this fabulous
jock body. He gave me that smirk. So I went over there and he pulled me to
him and gave me a kiss. I could have melted. He stripped me right there
and I joined him in the shower. He was kissin and rubbing up and down my
back. Then he soaped me up and over my ass, and  probed my hole. I was
loving this. He asked me if I had done this before, and I said yes, cause
I had. So he lubed up his cock and entered me. I didn’t know he was gonna
do that. I had never gotten fucked before and I wasn’t planning on it
anytime soon. But, I didn’t object because this guy was fine and he wanted
to fuck me!!! So he banged me, after the intial pain I eased out and it
was great, for what seemed like hours. He told me he was getting close and
he didn’t want to finish off. So he slid out of me and got on his knees
and turned me around. He treated me to some great head. This was obviously
not the first time he had done this. He practically brought me off with
his expert mouth. I stopped him then reversed the rolls and sucked his
cock as if the world were to end. I got him close, then I stopped, close,
the slow down. I was teasing him. I didn’t want this to end. He told me he
was going to fuckin cum and I was like do it. So he shot load after load
of his sweet nectar into my mouth and I swallowed it all. I loved it. He
then let me fuck him and I came into his hot ass! Well, I let him finish
his shower and I was just getting out of the bathroom when my brother and
the other hot players came home. I told them Chris needed to take a shower
and they didn’t seem to care. But, Danny, major hottie, looked at my wet
hair and my half dressed self and winked.  Later that week, Chris came
over while I was home sick from school, he skipped to come and see me. He
said that he wanted to do it again, and we did, basically an exact repeat
of the first time, but better.